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Eduardo Fernández of Aganorsa, Casa Fernandez on his unusual path to success in tobacco

If you shop at brick-and-mortar tobacconists, you’re almost certain in contact with loads of Eduardo Fernández’s tobacco whether you like it or not. One of the most prolific growers of premium cigar tobacco in Nicaragua, Eduardo came into the cigar business by an unconventional path…

The Aganorsa Enigma

Nothing particularly unusual was going on in the acres of farmland that lay behind a locked gate in Jalapa, Nicaragua. The shade-covered fields that were once owned by dictator Anastasio Somoza were growing tobacco just as they had decades before. Nevertheless, in 2000, in the post-cigar-boom world, the operation was a source of some suspicion in the industry…

#8 • 2017 • Guardian Of The Farm Apollo Selección de Warped

What happens when you give two young blenders unbridled access to some of the best Nicaraguan tobacco in the world? The answer is the Guardian of the Farm Apollo Selección de Warped. It’s the joint effort of Max Fernández and Kyle Gellis. If you’ve never heard of them, Kyle Gellis is …

The Top 25 Cigars of 2017 by Cigar Snob

It’s the time again! At the start of each year, Cigar Snob puts out its ranking of the best 25 cigars we’ve rated over the previous year. Below, you’ll find the cigars that top our list at spots 1 through 5. Leading the pack are two cigars from families that…

#11 • 2016 • Casa Fernandez Miami Aganorsa Leaf Maduro Robusto Extra

For many years, the name Aganorsa was known only to those in the tobacco industry. Aganorsa is an agricultural conglomerate and one of the largest growers and suppliers of Nicaraguan tobacco for the premium industry. The company is owned by Eduardo Fernández…

2016 Awards: Factory of the Year

The factory is owned by Eduardo Fernández Pujals, the same man who owns the Casa Fernández brand and the large Nicaraguan tobacco operation, AGANORSA. While TABSA had good tobacco, it had work to do when it came to making premium cigars consistently…

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